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Pricing guide

Wedding flowers can suit any budget. Hopefully this pricing guide will help you as you start to plan your wedding. Please remember though that there is plenty of room for flexibility in the pricing of wedding flowers. Substituting expensive flower choices for less expensive varieties can make a big difference as can varying the size and coverage (number of blooms) in your arrangements. So rather than give a minium price on each item I have tried to give a realistic guide of how much you can expect to spend on your fabulous wedding flowers. Higher prices means bigger arrangements, more blooms, more expensive varieties. All flowers are fabulous and even the tiniest pieces can be stunning.

Bridal bouquet

Large Hand tied Bouquet                    £95-£120

Medium Hand tied Bouquet                £75-£95


Trailing Shower Bouquet                       £100-£150

Bridesmaid's Bouquet


Adult/Teenager's hand tied Bouquet   £35-£50


Child's hand tied Bouquet                     £20-£25 


Child's  Pomander                                  £35


Wands and hoops                                   £10-£20


Toddler Posy                                           £15

Hair Flowers

Hair Circlet                                             £25-£35


Hair Combs & Slides                               £5-£15

Bridal hair flowers                                  £35-£45

Corsages & Buttonholes                £5-£10


Venue Flowers

Table Arrangements

Forward facing arrangements                                    £75-£150

Small table centrepiece                                               £25-£50

Large table centrepiece                                               £75-£200


Top table arrangements                                              £60-£150

Registrar table display                                                £50-£80

Chair backs                                                                  £10-£20

Decorative Arrangements

Pedestel arrangements                                                £100-£175


Pew end arrangements                                               £15-£40

Window arrangements                                               £30-£50

Cake toppers                                                                £15-£20

Individual cake flowers                                               £15-£25

Large Candelabra arrangement*                               £80-£120

Cocktail glass arrangement*                                      £50-£200

There are so many more possibilities for your special day, such as flower-filled birdcages, cake stands with flower cakes sitting on them, lanterns, storm vases, pomander trees, log slices with candles and bottle/vase/votive arrangements...the list goes on. You name it I can do it.

*Prices include hire of glassware and candelabra    
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