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Useful Hints and Tips

Flowers are one of the most central things for successful wedding design, they can transform any venue and will add a wow factor to your wedding decorations. The fabulous array of colours and textures available can be used to enhance any theme and can say lots about your personalities. Flowers can be dramatic, romantic, fun, dreamy, colourful, tasteful, modern, vintage, rustic, chic, bohemian – there is so much to choose from and they can and should reflect your personal taste in colour and style.

Flowers can work with any theme, however crazy you might think your theme is we can design flower arrangements and decorations to suit. Don’t be scared to ask. We love a challenge and inventing new and different ways to display flowers to suit a particular theme is our favourite thing to do.

With such a variety available you can, with careful and clever planning, achieve your wedding flower dream on any budget. If you want your wedding flowers to really “wow” with large arrangements, arches, garlands etc you will probably need to spend at least £2,000 on your flowers and if you can afford more, spend more!

However in reality you should look to be spending around 8% of your overall budget on flowers. So be clear and open with your florist about how much you can afford on flowers. If your overall wedding budget is £5,000 you should be spending only £400 on flowers. You can still achieve marvellous results on such a budget, but you will need to trust your florist to choose blooms for you that are in the right season and the right price range for you. Current trends for peonies, dahlias, garden roses and hydrangeas can make for pricey arrangements but there are wonderful colours and textures to be had from cheaper blooms, think gerberas, tulips and seasonal “unusual” flowers like allium, celosia, echinops, chrysanthemums.

Alternatively clever use of fewer blooms can make a dramatic statement. Hydrangeas are pricey but you don’t need many to look showy if you know how.

Gypsophila is also a big favourite with brides on a budget but be wary, it actually takes a lot of gyp to make a good bouquet. They can look wonderful though with a few small blooms, roses, tulips, germinis or freesias running through.

Finally there are so many wonderful foliages, fillers, berries and seed pods you can use to add interest, textures, aromas and form to your arrangements they can be an excellent way to create wild, rustic and seasonal designs. These vary in cost but many foliages are inexpensive so keep an open mind, a few peonies in a bed of lovely foliage can look amazing.


You know it’s a wedding when the flowers arrive”. Flowers can make a wedding, even small arrangements make a big difference to the look and feel of your day. Tiny table arrangements or cleverly placed individual flowers echoing your bouquet can pull your theme together.

Dare to be different. Many of the currently popular “big stars” of the flower world can easily blow your budget in bouquets and buttonholes alone. There are many other cheaper flower varieties available that can give you just as much impact and colour.

Less is sometimes more. If working to a budget create drama with colour and form by using fewer blooms in a limited colour palette. Let statement flowers speak for themselves.

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